Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor in Paradise: Episode 6

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s episode

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist

Girl power! I prefer when the girls have the roses, especially when there’s a snake like Jesse there to squirm.

This week Brooks came to town. He’s got a real je-ne-sais-quoi to him, and when I met him I was struck by his smarts and sense of humour. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually glad he did Paradise because we finally got a peek of the real him. (Sadly, his edit in Bachelorette didn’t show an ounce of that.) It’s a shame he left so soon, but alas, c’est le Paradis.

This week’s awards go to…

The Hot Number Jackie. The girl is beautiful, sharp, drama-free and cool as a cucumber. I think Jackie is doing Paradise right. She’s gone on four dates with four different guys, all while never falling hard for any of them. She just takes these dates for what they are: neat experiences. She even managed to melt Zack’s stoic front. He is a completely different man with her than he was with Clare. As a friend of mine would say, Jackie’s “in season.”

The Social Ineptitude Star AshLee. Argh, I don’t feel great about always harping on AshLee, but the girl’s tantrums are getting very old. Her telling the other women, who are dating other guys in that very house, that Graham deserved the date card because he’s “obviously the best catch here,” is more confusing than nasty. It’s like she’s missing a social chip that censors her thoughts. I do think Graham seems like a nice guy, but you just don’t SAY things like that.

Best Timing Tasos—or the producers who sent him—for riding in on his white horse and giving Christy a taste of what manners and sincerity look like.

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