Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor Canada: Episode 2

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s premiere

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist (Photo: Andrea Joynt)

It’s a rainy week in Vancouver (shocker) and the girls are housed in a jealousy-inducing mansion that is distinctly less cheesy than the American one. Kaylynn is picked for the first one-on-one and I can’t help but deduce that she was chosen because: a) Tim saw she was unravelling emotionally Night One and wanted to ease her anxiety, and b) the producers saw she was unravelling emotionally Night One and wanted to ensure there’d be more where that came from. I’ve said before on my blog that there is a first one-on-one date curse. While being selected for the first one-on-one is flattering, every aspect of your date is designed to accelerate the development of feelings and attachment to the Bachelor, only to remain stagnant for a LONG TIME while the Bachelor continues to do the same thing with other people. It’s actually a lot healthier (well, as healthy as this situation can allow) to have bits of private time and then build up to a full one-on-one a few weeks in. You can dodge early-stage feelings of possessiveness that way.

Kaylynn and Tim seem to have a good time on their date, presumably because Kaylynn is sober(ish). She gets a rose. She goes on to call what they have, after a few hours together, “the most unbelievable connection I’ve had in my life,” which makes me feel bad for her.

The first group date, dragon boat racing in cold rain, struck me as very Canadian. Leaving the losing team to return to the mansion, not so Canadian. The “winners” are put in cheap qipaos that wrinkle in unfortunate places and they sip tea while playing the musical chairs game that is waiting for one-on-one time with the Bachelor. Rileigh angles for intellectual and deep, telling Tim to “cut the shit” (interesting how in Canada that’s not bleeped out), before he’s even had a chance to give her “TV Tim.” She inadvertently insults him and he hands the rose to Trisha, lover of pageants. Once again, my girl Jenny has zero airtime, which means she probably won’t be going very far. Womp womp. 🙁

The rainy photo shoot group date is unremarkable but leaves everyone further questioning Sonia’s legitimacy as a lingerie model. Tim sends her home due to “lack of chemistry,” which is putting it lightly. Surprisingly nobody, he keeps April Brockman for evening one-on-one time.

In Kaylynn-versus-Martha-gate, I am #TeamMartha. I do NOT think Martha was “bullying” Kaylynn in any way. She was simply telling her she had no need to stress since she already had a rose. Kaylynn was completely tanked on white wine and is obviously a crier when she’s drunk. She whimpered to Tim that it brought her back to being bullied. Please. How was Martha telling her she had nothing to worry about “bullying”? Kaylynn’s an emotional loose cannon when she drinks, just as she was on Night One. Girl needs to lay off the vino.

My top picks this week:

1. April Brockman: What I love about April is that she lets Tim come to her as opposed to chasing him down. This girl is sane, smart, and striking. If I were the Bachelor she’d be my pick (so far), so my money is on her being the last lady standing.

2. Natalie, 27: Tim is attracted to her but I don’t know if there’s much more there. Their kiss was convincing, though, so I still think Natalie will be in the final four.

3. Kaylynn: Her week 2 blog post would indicate she knows she behaved like a basket case and that white wine isn’t her friend, so I have hopes for a turnaround. I still think she’s too unstable for this process, however.

4. Christine: The fact that Tim shunned Martha’s attempt to interrupt while he was with Christine is telling. If he wasn’t into the company he wouldn’t have had any qualms about it. Christine may last awhile.

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