Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor Canada: Episode 4

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s episode

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist (Photo: Andrea Joynt)

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist (Photo: Andrea Joynt)

I’ve been loving on Bachelor Canada a lot, and this week is no different. The editing is really highlighting the friendships between the girls, and I’m all about it. In the closing credits of this week’s episode, Rileigh and Trisha—the two who would have to go on the fateful two-on-one date (and likely already knew at that point)—were shown jokingly weaving banana-leaf crowns together. We’ve also seen the girls making a human pyramid, laughing and joking around; and the edits seem forgiving and fair: no one even seems to get a “villain edit.” Words aren’t twisted or taken out of context, only captured. (Ahem, Lisa.)

In the Bahamas, first up was my early top-four prediction, Natalie. I wasn’t surprised how this date went down, and I felt for her. We’ve all been in that situation where we want to show who we really are—the cool, goofy, fun side that our close friends and family see—but we’re too nervous or uncomfortable to let it out. I sense a hardcore introvert in Natalie, but one who’s maybe in denial about it. Tim didn’t want to give her a rose—yet didn’t want to send her home quite yet—and she (thankfully) took the hint and hit the road, so props to her. Unfortunately, the voice-over of next week’s returning girl sounds unmistakably like Natalie. Here’s hoping I’m wrong and she stays dignified and long gone.

Bachelor Canada Episode 4I loved the group date. SHARK DIVING?? So cool. I wouldn’t have thought Kaylynn was overreacting with fear, but when Nice Girls Sachelle and April are rolling their eyes over it in their interviews, you know it had to be bad. The best part of this date was when the show addressed how strange it is when the Bachelor kisses two or more girls on the same date. Tim shared a surprisingly hot kiss with Dominique, and—without even moving his tush from that spot—locked lips with Kaylynn mere minutes later. I have been there and let me tell you, it’s no less weird when you’re in it than it is on television. I’m just happy they aired Kaylynn exclaiming, “This is so messed up!” Yes, it is, Kaylynn. Yes, it is.

Duh duh duh! A two-on-one date? How cruel and un-Canadian! I cringed when Rileigh declared, “I’m actually super smart.” Here’s the thing: I like Rileigh and DO believe she’s smart, but you don’t have to say that. An intelligent person—which Tim obviously is—will recognize it. I think Tim was drawn to Trisha’s sweet vulnerability and femininity. That or her fashion sense, because that pink skirt was rad.

Bachelor Canada Episode 4

Seeing as two girls had already gone home and FOUR were cut last week, I wasn’t surprised Tim trotted off to get a sixth rose so he could keep everyone. But my Top 4?

1. April Brockman, 27: I remain steadfast. These two are just on the same wavelength. It seems effortless and easy between them. April will win.

2. Kaylynn, 26: Kaylynn is growing on me. I think she’s insecure and very emotional, but at heart a good, well-intentioned person. Above all, I think Tim finds a kindred spirit in her.

3. Lisa, 25: Tim and Lisa have a fun, snarky rapport, so I don’t think she’s going anywhere any time soon. But, um… it turns out Lisa is Regina George. We had one of those in my Bachelor house so I’m not surprised there’s one here. You’re bound to annoy each other; the situation is practically designed for that. However, how you deal with it is a maturity thing, and I agree with Kaylynn: “If you’re going to talk smack about someone, at least stick to your story.” It takes courage and maturity to say what you think to someone’s face, rather than cowardly playing Jekyll/Hyde. One-faced bitches I can deal with. It’s the two-faced ones I can’t handle.

4. Dominique, 28: Whoa, where did this come from?! Dominique’s lack of airtime has led me to believe she was on the last few chopping blocks, but lo and behold, these two have serious chemistry.

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