Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Oscar Performance Got REAL Intimate

Still not over it, tbh

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper get cosy behind a piano bench during their Oscar performance of "Shallow"

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It happened. After what’s felt like an eternal wait, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga finally graced the world with what our ear holes have been waiting for: a live performance of “Shallow” at the 2019 Oscars. And it. Was. Something.

When their movie, A Star Is Born premiered at the Venice Film Festival, Cooper and Gaga stepped out onto the carpet hand-in-hand and stole fans’ hearts. And since then, people have had zero chill about these two. With every look, whether it was during interviews or at film screenings, fans took their undeniable chemistry as a sign that they were deeply in love. So much so that when Cooper made a surprise appearance during Gaga’s Las Vegas residency, the crowd lost their minds and wept all their tears.

We were all still in our feels by the time the 91st Academy Awards rolled around, where “Shallow” was nominated for best original song, and Cooper and Gaga took no mercy. The performance came seemingly out of nowhere, starting with a sneak attack from a dozen suited men rolling out a golden piano while the first few notes trickled in and the audience began to buzz with anticipation. IT WAS HAPPENING.

And with that, Gaga and Cooper once again pulled their signature move, walking hand-in-hand, this time up to the Oscars stage for the performance we had literally all be waiting for.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars

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And as predicated, it was like watching A Star Is Born all over again with Cooper staring into Gaga’s eyes as he crooned with his gravely Jackson Maine voice before Gaga took the reigns and belted out the lyrics that have been stuck in everyone’s heads since the film hit theatres in October. And then, they took it NEXT LEVEL.

Cooper got up from his stool and joined Gaga on the piano bench. Cool. No big. They’re notoriously friendly. Everyone just be calm.

But as they sang, the two went full Ally and Jackson Maine, faces inches apart, looking at each other as if there wasn’t an entire theatre, international audience—and Cooper’s GF Irina Shayk—watching them.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga getting real close at the Oscars

(Photo: GIPHY)

Like, things were REAL intimate.

Gaga may not have won for best actress, and Cooper didn’t win for best actor, but if those lusty feelings weren’t genuine, these two deserve some serious applause, because…dang.


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