Shailene Woodley Offered Mary Jane Role in Upcoming Spiderman Sequel

Shailene Woodley may join Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in the upcoming Spider-Man sequel.


Photo by Keystone Press

ABC may have canned The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but the future couldn’t look any better for its star Shailene Woodley. According to multiple reports, the 20-year-old actor has been offered the role of Peter Parker’s redheaded love interest, Mary Jane Watson, in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
If she accepts, Woodley will join Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as they reprise their roles as the web-slinging Peter Parker and the intelligent Gwen Stacey.
With the introduction of Mary Jane, expect sparks to fly. This comic book love triangle was barely touched on in Sam Raimi’s original trilogy. The inclusion of Mary Jane may also confirm every fan boy’s worst fear: the ultimate demise of Gwen Stacey on film.
While we may have to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to Stone, we can at least take comfort in knowing Woodley is just as talented. Woodley’s stunning performance as George Clooney’s daughter in The Descendants had solidified her status as a star to watch. —Portia Baladad