September Horoscope


Ding! It’s yet another round in that relationship or job struggle (possibly both). Tempting as it is to simply deliver one knockout blow, it could be you who ends up on her derriere. Instead, head for your corner and set a new strategy for the months to come. You’ll get the greatest satisfaction by entering a new ring, perhaps taking a new approach in your workout or indulging a do-good impulse.


“Ch-ch-ch-changes” becomes your theme song, one you sing with a happy heart (for a change!). It’s mainly due to the love in your life: your main squeeze, children, pet—you name it. You might even expand your personal space (literally or figuratively) to include more of the same. Postpone big proposals at work, though. It’s best to twiddle those thumbs, as texts and tweets can be so easily misinterpreted now.



The planets are conspiring with your inner delinquent. Cosmic reformschool trends continue in your home sector and you can’t get away with (or from) much. But you’re up for parole and possibly an upgrade soon, so make nice—which should be easy because Venus grants you a way with words on all fronts, especially when it comes to charming someone new. This could be the start of something completely different.



Mars in your sign prompts you to put the pedal to the metal. But with cosmic roadblocks ahead, you’d be better off on cruise control for a while. Hint: Asking works better than assuming now, especially when it comes to negotiating that traffic jam in your professional life. But a new romance gets out of gridlock at month’s end, when the road to many of your heart’s desires is clear.

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You really didn’t see that plot twist in your financial scenario coming. Now what? Turn it in your favour by making a few rewrites to the budget and the bottom line. Fortunately, the love orb, Venus, in your sign helps you attract whatever you need. To get a new job, accountant or lover (or more attention from the current one), just crook one dainty digit.


You could just sit back and enjoy the grand procession of new friends and creative opportunities, but you really should do more than just smile and wave when it comes to your career. The parade might just pass you by unless you get out there, grab it and hold on—and insist on what you want. As for romance, if one dreamboat floats on by, another is sure to come along.



There’s magic afoot in your house of romance. That hot affair that began earlier in the year could either vanish like a puff of smoke or become pure gold. It’s within your power to create the right alchemy, once you find the right balance between heart and hormones. With Mars in your travel zone, profound passion is best found on the road. You might just teach your lover the language of love.


Give me liberty or give me responsibility. They were once mutually exclusive concepts, but you now learn the value (and necessity) of both. There are other important realizations as your inquiring mind ponders many imponderables. A lecture or course may trigger profound change. When it comes to finances, you’ve learned your lesson. Once you cut your minor losses, future risks should be carefully calculated.



Good things are worth planning and waiting for, as you of all people both know and practise. You’re so close to your goal, so this is no time to try a new tack. Instead, watch your back, get it in writing whenever possible, and reread and rethink before you hit send. Meanwhile, there’s a refreshing new start in your passion zone. This one promises to stay the course, so try to keep up.


Catch the wave, as your self-expression and romance sectors come on full bore. Venus helps you turn gnarly types all sweet, and your sweetie even more so. Retrograde Mercury may slow a few things, but you could be in for the ride of your life. Just make sure you keep one eye on your finances. You’ll find the surest footing on the middle ground, between overly risky and too safe and boring.


Step up in those sky-high booties, because you can no longer tiptoe around an ongoing relationship issue. It’s time to walk off into the sunset or give him the boot. You need someone who can anchor you without weighing you down as you continue your record growth. Meanwhile, keep your momentum by indulging in what you love the most (you’ve earned it) and following your creative impulses.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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