The Real Reason Why Selena Gomez Went Public With Her Relationship

Just don't call him "The Weeknd"

It’s no secret that former FLARE cover girl Selena Gomez has been dating Canadian pop star The Weeknd. Though the relationship started as paparazzi speculation, it has since been made Instagram-official, red-carpet-official and now Ryan-Seacrest-official.

A guest on On Air with Ryan Seacrest this weekend, Selena opened up about her decision to go public with her relationship.

She explained that after “doing this for so long,” and having gone through “so many different phases” in her life, she’s at a point where she doesn’t feel the need to hide anymore.

“I’m just genuinely [being] myself,” Selena said.

“I think that everybody gets over everything eventually. That’s what I’ve learned, in the years of doing this; people get over it. And I’m okay with that.”

Most importantly, the star seems to be in a really good place. “I’m so happy with my music,” she said. “My family is what’s most important; my health is what’s most important.”

“I just want to be happy,” she added. “If that’s me just being myself, I don’t really care.”

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Of course, the absolute best part of the interview was when Ryan Seacrest tried to clarify who Selena was talking about in her comments. “Obviously, she’s referring to The Weeknd,” he said.

“Abel,” Selena quickly corrected, making everyone laugh—because of course she’s dating the person, not the persona. “It’s so weird.”

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