Seeing Red... Oscar Gowns

If it's scoop you want, head straight for ground zero

Keystone Press

If you want to know what nominees, and presenters will be wearing Oscar night, you have to go to ground zero. I don’t mean the designers, they are too wed to their celebrity friends to reveal any secrets. No, I mean the soldiers on the ground, the seamstresses, dry cleaners, and messengers charged with toting, fetching, and primping gowns for their moment in the spotlight. There are only a handful of dry cleaners in Hollywood that know what to do with couture, and I just visited one of them. After dropping off my Falguni & Shane Peacock confection for a little sprucing after our NYFW appearance, the lovely lady behind the counter shared a little Oscar scoop. It seems a recently announced presenter was in their shop earlier today trying on her red dress. The dress was newly altered, and just needed a little “freshening up” for Sunday’s red carpet walk. Judging by the expression on my dry-cleaning friend’s face, there was more than a little drama involved. Hmmm, could it be Scarlett Johansson? Since her jaw-dropping Valentino moment at the 2006 Golden Globe Awards, everybody knows she’s a girl who can handle her reds.

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