See A 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Rocking a Canadian Tuxedo

Dear Internet: Thank you

From saving journalists to stopping fights in the middle of New York City, There’s no doubt that Ryan Gosling is just about everyone’s ultimate crush.
Luckily, Canada can claim the every-so-charming Gosling as one of our own. And boy, does the Cornwall, Ont. native ever play up his Canadian-ness in this vintage interview with CTV’s Canada AM.
In an interview as the only Canadian member of a late-’80s reboot of the Mickey Mouse Club, Gosling not only wears what is presumably a Canadian tuxedo, complete with a printed tie, but the backdrop is none other than Parliament Hill. You can’t get more Canadian than that. (Or maybe you can, if you throw in a delicious Beaver Tail.)

It’s just a shame they couldn’t get him to sing or dance on the show.—Portia Baladad

Watch the clip of Ryan Gosling on Canada AM below and then scroll down to see Gosling and Justin Timberlake singing and dancing on The Mickey Mouse Club.