This Just In: Scott Moir Is *Also* Adorable While Watching Hockey

Seriously cannot get enough of Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, hbu?

(Photo: Getty Images)

Raise your hand if you’re hopelessly invested in the power pair that is ice dancing duo (and obvious soulmates), Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. SAME. They came to Pyeongchang, made love on the ice whilst dancing on the skinniest of blades, made the whole world ship them hard, bagged some gold medals and now it’s chill time, y’all!

And what better or more Canadian way to kick back than at Canada’s *other* fave icy activity ? On that note, I present you: Scott Moir watching hockey.

(Photo: Getty Images)

He’s adorably rumpled (just look at his crooked little tuque in the below video!) and finally enjoying some much-deserved fun at the Olympic women’s hockey final after months of intense training and weeks of stressful competition. Look, he’s even sipping a brewski (note: the game happened around 2 p.m. South Korea time) and yelling at officials over sketchy calls! LOVE HIM!! If Moir isn’t the most fun hockey game date, I literally don’t know who is.

Just when it looked like the world couldn’t be more enamoured with the ice dancing sweethearts, along comes Moir capturing even more hearts with his apparent new side gig as Canada’s #1 hockey fan. Twitter is lit.

Sure, the Canadian women’s team ended up losing gold to Team U.S.A., but we are still winners here. One burning q: Do you think Moir went from the game of ice hockey to a game of tonsil hockey with his not-so-secret beloved? (I couldn’t resist.) Until we have confirmation of their romance, the fanfic—and trolling hockey stands for Virture/Moir sightings—will have to do.


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