7 Revelations From Sarah Jessica Parker's Howard Stern Show Talk

SJP chatted with the notorious shock jock for the first time and we listened. She cleared the air about her life and loves, from SATC to RDJ

SJP on the Stern couch (Source: www.instagram.com/sternshow)

SJP on the Stern couch (Source: instagram.com/sternshow

She’s synonymous with Carrie Bradshaw, but Sarah Jessica Parker’s followers know there’s much more to her than a closetful of Manolos. She’s an accomplished stage, film and theatre actress, a successful designer, a major supporter of New York’s cultural institutions and holds a rep for being one of the most well-mannered, thoughtful celebs out there—even when confronted with the blustery, often raunchy likes of Howard Stern.

SJP recently made her first appearance on the popular radio show and—no surprise—she was candid and delightful. Herewith, her seven biggest revelations.

“Pushing on the bruise” Howard usually asks celebs a lot of nosy questions about their relationships (no secret, he’s a major gossip hound). He asked SJP about her on-set entanglements and she admitted to dating Nicolas Cage during their Honeymoon in Vegas days. She told Stern that she doesn’t regret the experience, and that memories of heartbreak can actually be satisfying, likening them to “pushing on the bruise.” That may be the perfect title for her memoir 20 years from now.

Her Sliding Doors moment After filming the Sex and the City pilot, the fear of monotony crept in and she wanted to quit the series. Panicked, she went to her agent and asked him to work on an HBO movie deal in lieu of her contract. Instead, she and the network sat down and talked about schedule specifics, giving her some peace of mind and free time to pursue outside roles.

She worked hard for that money It wasn’t all cosmos and kissing scenes with Mr. Big (and Aidan, and stupid Berger). She said the hours she spent working on the show, which was shot on honest-to-goodness film, were insane—often 80 to 100 per week!

There is no feud Although they’ve both said it ad nauseum, there was never a feud between SJP and Kim Cattrall. No issues about money or on-set screaming matches, no diva antics. The expectation that Sam and Carrie would be BFFs IRL seemed to taint peoples’ perception of their relationship and, as SJP points out, no one asked if The Sopranos cast was exchanging Christmas presents.

She worries about getting sacked too No amount of celebrity can insulate an actor from the fear of rejection. SJP mentioned working with Philip Seymour Hoffman on David Mamet’s 2000 flick State and Main and being convinced that she would be fired after the first two weeks. She was not, but she actually has been canned from two animated movies, Antz and Home on the Range.

The bra straps weren’t just a fashion statement Ever wonder why SJP was the only female character who kept covered up on Sex and the City? She passed on doing nude scenes, while the other actresses chose their own comfort levels. SJP says she felt like nudity wasn’t vital to Carrie’s story.

Yes, she dated RDJ Sarah and Robert Downey Jr. dated for eight years when they were young pups. (Fun fact: at one point, the two shared an apartment with Kiefer Sutherland.) And during one of his appearances on Stern, RDJ vowed to call Sarah Jessica while he was in New York. Apparently he went through with it, and the two got together (with minimal drama). It sounds very “running into an old high school BF” encounter—if your high school BF is now Iron Man.

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