Outlander Hottie Sam Heughan Is All About the Booty

Ahead of the Outlander Season 3 premiere, Heughan chatted with Glamour and things got...cheeky

Sam Heughan Outlander Season 3: The actor is wearing blue shirt on blue background

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Ahead of Season 3 of Outlander (which premieres this Sunday), the show’s star and our total fave, Sam Heughan had an endearing and cheeky chat with Glamour about what to expect from this season and, more candidly, how he keeps his booty *toight*. Here’s what we learned.

Heughan doesn’t mind if you talk about his (very nice) bum

Or, as Diana Gabaldon—the author of the Outlander books—said, his “fine ass.” Either way, Sam is cool as a cucumber with us drooling over his bod. “If that’s what you’re looking for, Season 3 won’t disappoint,” said Heughan. (Omfg!!!)

His gym routine incorporates a tool called the “booty band”

“There is something very physical about Jamie, and he is probably bigger than I would be in real life,” Heughan said, so he tailors his workouts to keep the Jamie Fraser assets on lock. As for the booty band—you heard it from him first: “It really works.”

Heughan self-identifies as a romantic (swoon)

“[Jamie is] so loyal; his love for Claire is something to aspire to,” gushed Heughan. “Things are more complex in real life, but I am a romantic. I like to do the best I can. But yes, Jamie sets a very high standard.” Is your heart beating, like, really fast right now? Because SAME.

He doesn’t think Jamie’s love for Claire ever died

“I think this season is so special because it really is about [Jamie and Claire] finding their love again,” explained Heughan. “What do you do when the person you love has died or left your life and they return?”

He’s a biiig fan of the sexy montage

Since Outlander is a period piece—Season 1 picks up at the end of World War II—the outfits are a bit more complicated than the ones we wear today, complete with buckles, corsets and layers. “It would likely take half an hour to get undressed, so we tend to shoot montages. I need to figure out a way to incorporate the sexy montage into my real life.”

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