Who Is Sam Heughan's New Girlfriend?

A deep dive into the lassie who has captured the ‘Outlander’ star’s heart

Sam Heughan girlfriend Amy Shiels
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On screen, he plays a Highlander who’s been locked down with his lady love since five mins into the first ep. Offscreen, however, actor Sam Heughan has been—as far as we know—a single man since he stepped into the spotlight nearly four years ago. (He *was* linked to an actress named MacKenzie Mauzy throughout 2017. Nothing official though).

But hold onto your kilts, Heughlians! US Weekly just broke the news that the 37-year-old is dating one Amy Shiels, and because they cite “multiple sources,” it has be to be true. So who is this bonny lass who has captured the heart of the internet’s collective 18th-century boyfriend?

Well, she is an actor as well, although not, we must confess, a name we recognize. A quick Google/IMDB creep reveals that she plays Candie on the current reboot of  Twin Peaks, had a part in Samantha Bee’s family vacation dramedy The Detour, and has also done a ton of voice work for the Call of Duty video game franchise. There’s also another David Lynch project, a movie called The Happy Worker, in her future. She’s Irish, 38 years old, and her Twitter bio suggests “Let’s be better humans.” She also has a very cute dog named Sonny Jim. According to a comment on her Instagram, Sam Heughan and this adorable doggo get along “like brothers.”

There is no dog as perfect as this dog. #mypleasurepig #SJ #love #myBu #mustache

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Dating rumours have actually surrounded Shiels and Heughan for several years. The pair seem to have known each other for over a decade, and many fans think they dated from 2014 to 2016. Exhibit A in this theory is a tweet that Shiels liked back in October 2014, in which someone dubs her and Sam the new Brangelina…although #Samy doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Fast forward to 2018, and US Weekly is reporting that Shiels was spotted with Heughan at the premiere for his new movie, The Spy Who Dumped Me, and they were later seen grabbing drinks at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont. A key detail in that encounter was that they were seated in a “low-lit” area of the bar, because everyone knows that the dimmer the lighting, the more serious the relationship.

Sláinte math to the happy couple! (If you don’t speak Outlander, that means congratulations-and-hope-neither-of-you-falls-through-a-time-warp-which-separates-you-from-your-true-love-for-20-years.)


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