Ryan Gosling Welcomed Drive Director's Pre-Shoot Hugs

The actor claims that bear hugs from filmmaker Nicolas Refn improved his and Carey Mulligan's performances

Image by Alexandra Wyman, Courtesy of Soho House

Move over, Eva Mendes – Ryan Gosling recently revealed to Collider.com that his Drive director, Nicolas Refn, would hug him for a fairly lengthy period of time before takes. “Sometimes he would hold you for five minutes, until you stopped resisting his hug,” the actor explained. “Even if you thought you’d submitted to it, you hadn’t. And when you were totally relaxed, he would then look at you with tears in his eyes and say, ‘Go with God.’ And then, he’d say ‘Action!’” Far from being put off by the Danish filmmaker’s bizarre habit, Gosling actually credited it with the success of his and Carey Mulligan’s performances: it “helped,” he claimed. We’re not really sure whether the pre-shoot hug was an eccentric yet ingenious European directing technique, or just a shameless ploy to embrace Ryan Gosling. Either way, Refn deserves kudos. 

Drive, which played at TIFF and will be widely released this Friday, stars Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver who earns extra cash manning a getaway car. -Allison Friedman