Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Star In New Crime Drama

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star in The Gangster Squad, a mobster flick

Guns, and hearts, will soon be ablaze. The trailer for The Gangster Squad, the upcoming mobster movie starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Sean Penn, has just been released. Gosling plays an LAPD officer, working to take down a notorious mobster (Sean Penn). Along the way his attention is caught by Stone, a seductive mole, and action, drama, and love ensues. In other words: how good does this look?

Aside from the retro fashions and the Gosling-Stone pairing, what’s exciting about this film noire flick is the acting itself: Penn looks seriously in character as real-life gangster Mickey Cohen, while Stone is taking a departure with a more femme fatale-like role. The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer, who also directed Stone in Zombieland, and co-stars Nick Nolte and Josh Brolin. Mystery and betrayal has never looked so good. — Christian Allaire

Watch below: The Gangster Squad Trailer