Don't miss The Runaways

4 Reasons To  See The Runaways:

 Dakota Fanning. Forget Charlotte’s Web. Forget the SNL skits. Forget that she had her 16th birthday last month. The Georgia-born actress manages to steal almost every scene she is in during The Runaways. Aside from her flawless Bowie-brushed make-up looks and her Farrah Fawcett-feathered mane, Fanning is believable as Cherie Curie—the out-of-place suburban good girl who transforms herself into a rock n’ roll wild child.  

Kristen Stewart. As the dark Yang to Dakota’s darling Ying, Stewart—who plays the legendary Joan Jett—even out-broods her take on Twilight’s Bella in this epic ode to the guitar-wielding girl group. Look out for the scene when Jett shops for vintage clothes… it says a lot about her politics and personal style.

The direction. The Runaways’ history is a perfect primer for on-screen drama but Floria Sigismondi’s vision is the bittersweet cherry bomb on top of this film. She uses all the MTV video tricks in the book, drawing up stunning images that stay in your mind well after you’ve seen the film (the biggest hit is an amazing scene where Stewart thinks up lyrics in the tub).

The dialogue. Best lines were delivered by actor Michael Shannon who plays the hilarious Kim Fowley, The Runaways’ hyperactive manager/press agent/choreographer. One of the best lines in the film comes out when he tries to explain why he thinks bad publicity is good publicity: “It’s called press, not prestige!”  —Elio Iannacci