Rumour Mill: The Kardashians Are Launching A Magazine

Just when you thought you'd seen enough of Kim & Co., the family is said to be starting a glossy

Kim Kardashian

Photo by Keystone Press

Is 24/7 Kadashian coverage not enough for you? Well good, because it looks the clan is set to launch their own magazine. Sources told Page Six that the reality TV family is close to a deal with American Media Inc., which owns Star, the National Enquirer and Reality Weekly, to create forum where they can put out their own stories.

Though the Kardashians certainly don’t lack for media attention, landing on tabloid covers almost weekly and the most famous daughter, Kim, scoring even high fashion covers, such as W, the idea for the rumoured mag is said to have spun from all of the negative press surrounding Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries. With their own mag, the family can control the message–“Now the Kardashians can spin their own stories in print,” an unnamed competitor said to Page Six. Some say it will be similar to Kim’s Celebuzz blog, which serves up family updates, flogs sponsors and feedback fan adulation.

Still, it’s an odd move, especially considering that most of the tabloid coverage is glowing (and probably tightly controlled). One could argue that magazines don’t have enough pages to go all-Kardashian, all the time. But that’s what the internet is for, right?