Ron Sexsmith

Juno 2007: Ron Sexsmith
The Juno Award veteran takes some time out from SXSW in Austin for a chat with Flare.com

Flare: What do you think the Junos do to promote and celebrate Canadian talent?
Ron Sexsmith: Well, I guess the role presumably is to recognize artistic and or commercial achievement in recorded music. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.
F: How have the Junos affected your career?
RS: It’s hard to say, but I think they must have raised my profile somewhat over the years.
F: Last year, Kevin Drew [Broken Social Scene] raised a lot of controversy saying that the awards only reward “mainstream” music – what are you feelings on that?
RS: I think that is often the case for most award shows, especially if they’re televised. But if you know that going in, you won’t be too disappointed.

F: Who are some of your favourites among this year’s nominees?
RS: I’ve been away so, I don’t really know who’s been nominated to be honest… I heard that I was though, so I’m excited about that.

F: What has been your most memorable Junos moment over the years?
RS: I’d have to say the time I was asked to fill in for Our Lady Peace at the last minute due to some illness within the band. I remember when Leonard Cohen opened the show one year. That was pretty cool as well.

F: What are you listening to right now?
RS: I liked Paul Simon’s recent album. And Judee Sill is probably one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever heard and she died in the 70’s.

F: How has the Canadian music scene changed over the course of your

RS: It seems a lot more self sufficient. I had to go to the USA to get signed, but it seems like more and artists don’t have to do that so much.

Kali Pearson