Calm Down, Internet! Why Rihanna's Queen Pics Are NBD

Rihanna's Photoshopped pictures of Queen Elizabeth are a hilarious birthday present

Rihanna is in hot water for her Photoshopped pictures of Queen Elizabeth

(Photo: Getty)

What happened to the internet’s sense of humour?

This weekend, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 91st birthday, bad gal RiRi posted on Instagram four hilarious pics of the monarch’s head Photoshopped onto her body. From the Queen in a open tweed dress suit sans bra to her in Rihanna’s famous heart coat, the superimposed images were a real treat. The one that took the (b-day) cake, however, features a half-smiling queen—complete with a glitzy crown—wearing the sparkly bodysuit Rihanna wore to Coachella. The diamonds in Elizabeth’s headgear perfectly match the crystals in the pop star’s slinky number. It’s a work of art, really.

Rihanna posted a photo of Queen Elizabeth photoshopped on her body

(Photo: instagram.com/badgalriri)

Queen Elizabeth was Photoshopped by Rihanna for her 91st birthday

(Photo: instagram.com/badgalriri)

But there were a lot of haters. “This is offensive to me as a British citizen!” one Instagram commenter wrote.  “What the f*uck is wrong with you?” asked another. “This is not funny. She’s someone’s grandma” a concerned follower cried.

While the backlash against the “disrespectful” and “disgusting” pics was in full-force, Rihanna posted another pic on Monday: a digitally manipulated image of the Queen in chic futuristic Dior sunglasses. The photo was taken from her own Dior collab, and the 29-year-old captioned it, “haters will say it’s photoshop.”

But why are people so offended by Rihanna’s images? It’s painfully clear that the artist is just having a laugh and making one of the most stoic public figures a little bit more interesting (honestly, have you ever found the Queen as entertaining?). If anything, the photos are a compliment to the monarch; if RiRi takes time to Photoshop you, you know you’re important. The fact that people are taking this tribute—albeit unconventional—seriously is ridiculous. Rihanna even captioned one pic “it’s not that deep.”

The Queen was Photoshopped on Rihanna's Instagram account

(Photo: instagram.com/badgalriri)


Queen Elizabeth was Photoshopped to wear Rihanna's famous fur coat

(Photo: instagram.com/badgalriri)

Let’s state the obvious: the Queen dresses like, well, a boring 91-year-old. Her wardrobe is stacked with Easter-coloured coats and out-of-date hats. Her style could use a little sprucing up, and it’s quite amusing to see her in some of Rihanna’s wildest ensembles. For a woman who looks like she’s in pain whenever she smiles, it’s refreshing to see her in anything other than dress suits. The Royal Fam should really be thanking the style icon for the free fashion advice.

And not that it matters, but Rihanna clearly means no disrespect to the British monarchy. Last November, she met with Prince Harry in her native home of Barbados to take HIV tests to promote World Aids Day. The two seemed to get along well, and TBH, the Royals could use more relevant stars to help their brand (that’s probs why Lady Gaga is involved in Prince William and Harry’s latest mental health campaign).

So for all those outraged Royal lovers out there, relax. Rihanna is simply wishing our monarch happy birthday, from one queen to another.

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