Hey, Body Shamers: Rihanna's Weight is None of Your Biz

Rihanna recently faced criticism for a supposed weight gain—and she def isn't here for it

Rihanna's Body Shaming Response: Rihanna wearing a white gown and '90s-inspired sunglasses at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival; inline image.

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It’s no secret that our bad gal Rihanna is a trendsetter. Whether she’s rocking her badass Egyptian goddess tattoo or embracing the #FreeTheNipple movement, RiRi’s ballsy looks never disappoint. But Rihanna’s impact is more than skin deep: she’s fiercely confident and gives zero effs what anyone thinks of her—and encourages others to do the same.

On May 30, sports blog Barstool Sports posted a disgusting—and since-deleted—critique of Rihanna’s body. Writer Chris Spags shamed the Barbadian singer for appearing to have gained a few pounds and implied that she’s going to make weight gain trendy.

Because, of course, there’s nothing more interesting than a woman gaining weight—specifically a woman so often referred to as an aggressive man-eating sex symbol. Heaven forbid RiRi go against the status quo and—*GASP*—be OK with her shape, or even more shocking, be happy with it. Not every human equates slimness with beauty.

As expected, our queen and annual Met Gala slayer is having none of it. She responded to the criticism with a simple (and hilarious) meme featuring rapper Gucci Mane at two different weights.

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To no one’s surprise, fans were super speedy to come to Rihanna’s defence.

Among the fan outcry were dozens of Tweets in support of her weight gain—and TBH, that isn’t much better than condemning it.

The bottom line is intention doesn’t really matter when you comment on women’s bodies. It’s great that RiRi superfans came to her defence, but why did they have to in the first place? Compliment or not, a woman’s figure is none of our damn business. So, thanks Barstool Sports for unintentionally igniting a super important conversation—even if we had to endure your horrendous comments to get here. 

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