Rihanna is Apologetic For Not Talking to the Press During The 777 Tour

Whether or not she’s heard about the journalistic antics on the other end of the plane, she said she would “do it all again.”

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

To the relief of the disgruntled 150 or so music journalists, Rihanna finally emerged from beyond the depths of the Boeing airplane that took her, the journalists and a select group of fans around the world for the singer’s now-infamous 777 tour.

The Unapologetic singer was, well, apologetic that she was scarce during the seven countries in seven days whirlwind adventure, which drove some reporters crazy by day four (London). By the end of the tour, the journalists themselves replaced the touring feat as the story of the week.

“I know you guys got barely any dirt,” said Rihanna during the final flight from London to New York. “But I had to be good. I still sound like sh-t. It’s impossible to spend time with everybody, and I’m sorry I didn’t. Usually I will be partying back here [in coach], balls to the wall. But I had to pay attention and take care of my health since I was on the plane all the time.”

The singer also added that she would do it all again, though from the stories we’ve read, we’re not sure if that’s a good idea.

According to multiple reports, a Rihanna sighting was a rare occasion during the tour that promised the reporters and fans unprecedented access to the singer.

While everything seemed fine during the tour landed in Toronto last Thursday, the sleep-deprived journalists staged a mini-revolt on the plane ride from London to Berlin Monday morning. They began chanting “Save our jobs!,” “I need a headline!,” “Just one quote!,” and to add more insanity to the melée, an Australian journalist went streaking up and down the aisles on the same flight to rambunctious applause.

Putting the press aside, it seems like Rihanna’s own fans got the short end of the stick. According to Fuse, the Rihanna Navy fan club tried to pull the singer’s attention towards their end of the airplane by chanting “Fans! Fans! Fans!,” after Rihanna’s impromptu press conference. Unfortunately for them, the plane was about to land and the singer had to return back to her seat.

While the tour finally met its merciful end in New York last night, we can’t help but round-up some of our favourite stories. Below are just some of the highlights for those unlucky few who weren’t on the plane (or lucky, depending on your point of view):

1.  Reporters joked about staging a media blackout in favour of sleep
2.  #occupy777 floats around Twitter
3.  Missing Rihanna posters circulate the plane
4.  Tim Dormer, the Australian radio journalist, offered in a post-streak interview to pass the spotlight back to Rihanna by racing the singer up and down the plane naked
5.  Rihanna’s band entertains the press with acoustic covers of Bon Jovi, Journey and Lenny Kravitz hits an hour before they were to land in Newark, New Jersey on Tuesday morning
6.  On Sunday, a publicity rep from Rihanna’s label, Def Jam, tells the press, “Someday, before we die, I’ll tell you my version of the story.”

Hopefully that day will be soon as we would all love to read a 777 tour tell-all from all parties involved. A Christmas 2013 release, perhaps? —

Portia Baladad