Rihanna Kills Us Dead at Crop Over Festival; Proves (Again) That We Simply Are Not Worthy

We are deceased

PARDON ME but have you seen the splendor that is Rihanna at Crop Over Festival? The electric turquoise wig that she wears with such casual ease! The confidence she radiates in her teeny bedazzled ensemble! And the ability to somehow make me go “Hmm, do I need to buy a pair of nude rhinestone-festooned fishnet tights?” That’s the Rihanna effect.


The literal baddest gal around stopped by the Crop Over Festival, formerly known as Carnival, in her native Barbados on August 7 looking like a snack and redefined the meaning of slayyyyyyyy. 

And from her no-apologies attitude to her fire body confidence—this is yet another nonchalant eff you to body shamers, no?—people are appreciating the miracle that is Rihanna.

It’s, of course, not the first time she came to Crop Over to destroy. Let’s take a freakin’ moment to admire our queen’s Crop Over lewks over the years:

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