Revenge Costume Designer: Secrets From The Set

Costume designer Jill Ohanneson talks about creating the high society look of Revenge.

The highest of society sinks to the deepest of lows on the prime-time soap Revenge. But no matter what horrible crimes are committed as Emily Thorne (FLARE cover girl Emily VanCamp) seeks vengeance on the wealthy family that framed her father for murder, everyone always looks their best as they hop from function to function through the Hamptons.

It’s a look that costume designer Jill Ohanneson has constructed as carefully as Emily Thorne has plotted her revenge. “We want it to not feel like New York,” Ohanneson says. “It’s its own special enclave that is probably more Republican than Democrat. So we want to have that contrast between the edgy, cutting-edge fashion of New York, versus the elegant, sophisticated look of the Hamptons.”

To outfit VanCamp, Madeline Stowe, or Amber Valetta, Ohanneson has turned to the ladylike designs of Michael Kors or Zac Posen. “We’ve also done Fendi, Valentino, we’ve even done an Oscar de La Renta dress,” Ohanneson checks off. It’s a look that references the golden days of high society. “Some of those older school designers really know how to dress the ladies,” she says. “Even though the dresses are contemporary, hip and stylish, they’ve definitely dressed from Jackie O. to Audrey Hepburn. They always have that hint of ladylike demureness to them.” 

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