Céline Dion's Son Just Dropped Two Weeknd Remixes (Yup, That's Right)

With the queen of power ballads as a mother, René-Charles Angelil's offerings—now available on SoundCloud—aren’t quite what you’d expect!

A photo of René-Charles Angelil in a blue t-shirt

(Photograph: Splash)

Celine Dion’s eldest son René-Charles Angelil has officially entered the music business, and with the queen of power ballads as a mother his offerings aren’t what you’d expect! The 17-year-old took to Soundcloud on Sunday night (May 6) to share some of his songs for the first time, two of which are remixes of popular Canadian artist The Weeknd.

Big congratulations to Big Tip (his moniker), because not only did he remix some of The Weeknd’s most popular ditties, but he also rapped over them himself! In “Loft Music Remix” and “Catwalks (Sidewalks Remix),” he freshens up some of the original lyrics with phrases like being “a saucy guy” and driving fancy cars.

Rene-Charles’s music certainly deviates from that of his mom, who’s award-winning vocals were most recently heard in “Ashes,” the theme song for Ryan Reynold’s latest film, Deadpool 2. While we’re sure the teenager is making his way on his own, it must be of some comfort knowing that he was born into the business—and it must help that he lives in Las Vegas, a city where many aspiring musicians find inspiration.

Though the musician was born in Florida and currently lives in Nevada, both of his songs feature photos of the Montreal skyline—a sweet homage to his mother and late father’s home province. He may live in the United States, but his heart is clearly back home where he grew up in Quebec. And his heart is clearly also in it to win it—the rising star has been using his social media platforms to get the word out about his tunes, which has received some warm feedback. One Twitter user who wrote, “you always upping the game,” and another said, “keep up with writing and using your vocals because your father will be so proud of you.”

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