Red Lipstick Anyone?

A day in the life of Dita Von Teese

Red Lipstick Anyone?

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A day in the life of Dita Von Teese. Looking at Dita, a few things come to mind. Glamour. Mystery. Confidence. And above all, femininity. Learn how Dita brings old Hollywood to life each and every day—from her perfectly painted red lips and fingernails, to her demure charm and sense of style.
Zdenka Turecek
Fashion inspiration?
I’m quite enamored of nostalgic style, so everything I choose to wear is in the spirit of glamourous old Hollywood.
Biggest influence?
I am influenced by many eccentric and glamourous women from the early half of the 20th century. I’ve been researching burlesque, showgirls and entertainment from the past my entire life, really, so it would impossible to name just one person or thing.
Favourite Era
I suppose I would have liked to live in the 1930’s…
If Only
I am sure it would have been divine to be a Ziegfeld Girl or a famous burlesque queen! But, I can’t really imagine anything I would rather be than what I am now.
I don’t own any. Why do people think you have to wear something hideous to be comfortable? It’s not to offend anyone, it’s just that I enjoy wearing slips or pajamas or a robe. I don’t have any blue jeans either. That doesn’t mean I always wear ball gowns—I just don’t have jeans of sweatpants. I’ve got the art of comfortable yet glamourous dressing down pat.
Glamour Advice
Take a moment and remember that when you take the time to present yourself well, you inevitably have a better day. Try to arrange a little time for yourself. If you want glamour, you have to decide what that is for you. Maybe it’s just a bit of lipgloss. Maybe it’s a favourite pair of high heels. Maybe it’s a sky-high bouffant hairdo! It’s up to you decide.
Describe a typical day in the life of Dita
On a day off, I usually wake up around 9 am, make myself breakfast, feed my pets, have tea and then go to my Pilates class. Afterwards, I might clean, do laundry or work. Otherwise, I might spend the day catching up with my friends. Sometimes they come over for tea, or dinner, or a glass of my Cointreau Teese cocktails I created. Every day is different! I have no set schedule. Some days I do nothing but have lunch, shop or sit around my house! Thank goodness there is no typical day.

Cointreau Teese
40 ml Cointreau
20 ml apple juice
14 ml Monin violet
15 ml fresh lemon juice
Frost ginger around the rim of the glass
  Dita’s Favourites
Lipstick: Classic Dame by M.A.C.
Lingerie: Dita’s line, coming out for Wonderbra
Perfume: Quelques Fleurs L’Original
Tea: Rose Green, Republic of Tea