All About the Razzies, Hollywood’s Most Hated Awards

Who chooses the "winners," the most-nominated actors ever, and more essential info ahead of the 36th annual Razzie Awards

While the Academy struggles with #OscarsSoWhite, the Razzie Awards have been dealing with #MoviesSoBad since 1980. What began as a cheeky end-of-night tradition at a publicist’s viewing party has morphed into the campiest celebration of Hollywood’s splashiest duds (we’re looking at you, Battlefield Earth). Here’s your essential backgrounder ahead of the 36th annual event happening on Saturday, February 27.

1. The Governing Body
Who is this “Academy” everyone is always thanking? Six thousand Oscar voters are divided into branches (screenwriters, directors, producers, cinematographers, actors, composers etc.) who vote in a weighted nomination system that is monitored by PriceWaterhouse Cooper. The Razzies are open to anyone with $50 (the current cost to become a voting member).

2. The Ceremony
While the Oscars are known to be a black-tie affair attracting the most elite names in Hollywood, the Razzies have a certain…charm. Held the night before the Academy Awards (ideal for attracting press), the Razzies are a low-budget affair (with a cash bar, probably). This year, you can score tickets to the L.A. ceremony at The Palace Theatre for as low as $13.65US. Like a child’s birthday party, RSVP via EventBrite.

3. The Categories
The Academy holds steadfast in its categories: Best Actor/Actress, Director, Picture (even though it could really use a Best Comedy award). The Razzies are more flexible, changing it up with special categories like Worst Movie Trends of the Year and Worst Eye-Gouging Use of 3D. They also give out “worst of the decade” prizes that have gone to Paris Hilton, Madonna, Showgirls and Pauly Shore.

4. Over-Achieving Nominations
In Academy history, Titanic and All About Eve are tied for the most nominations (14 apiece), while in Razzie history, Adam Sandler has the illustrious distinction of being nominated 11 times in one year for Jack & Jill, Bucky Larson and Just Go With It.

5. Oscars/Razzie Crossover
There’s plenty of overlap in recognitionSylvester Stallone, voted Worst Actor of the ’80s, is nominated for an Academy Award Best Supporting Actor in Creed this year. 50 Shades of Grey is up for Worst Picture, while The Weeknd is up for Best Original Song for the same film. Occasionally, the ceremony has even attracted A-list “winners.” Sandra Bullock earned a Razzie and Oscar in the same year (though not for the same film; All About Steve was the terrible yin to The Blind Side’s folksy yang). Halle Berry has also won both, a year apart, for Catwoman and Monster’s Ball. And while the Razzies seem overflowing with snark, the crowd went wild for both women. Hurray for Hollywood.

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