Q&A: Elisha Cuthbert

Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert on her on-set BFF and how her character really feels about her ex-fiance.

FLARE’s July cover girl Elisha Cuthbert was in Bratislava, Slovakia, supporting her boyfriend Dion Phaneuf at the World Hockey Championships when she got the news. Happy Endings, the Calgary born actor’s first sitcom, was back for a second season.

“I was holding my breath because I had gotten an email from my sister saying that it got picked up,” the 28-year-old says today at a media roundtable at the Canon Theatre to launch Rogers’ fall season. “She heard about it on Twitter so I was like, ’kay, I don’t know if I should really believe this or not.”

But for once in Cuthbert’s much-discussed life, she actually could believe what she read online. The series is being given every reason to thrive in its second season, airing in the prime sitcom real estate following Modern Family, and recruiting fans with its snappy dialogue and lovable characters.

Cuthbert plays Alex, who started the series by running out on her own wedding. In the aftermath, her relationship with her ex-fiancé Dave (Zachary Knighton) has been hot and cold, a tension that could continue, Ross and Rachel style, throughout the series. “I definitely think she has not lost all of her feelings for him,” Cuthbert says. “That’s how I played it.”

The other characters include Alex’s sister Jane (Eliza Coupe), Jane’s husband Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.), Dave’s gay gamer roommate Max (Adam Pally) and single and more-than-ready-to-mingle Penny (Casey Wilson). In real life, Cuthbert and Wilson have gotten so close they are in a book club together, where they’re currently reading Valley of the Dolls. But Cuthbert’s jet-setter lifestyle has meant her attendance has been lousy. “I don’t think they’re too pleased,” she says. Fortunately for the book club, and for us, Cuthbert and Wilson will be spending a lot more time together.