Turns Out Priyanka Chopra *Didn't* Say Yes to Nick Jonas Right Away

A new 'Vogue' interview has all the details on the proposal

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s weekend plans are *probably* a little different from yours: They’re about to get married in Jodhpur, India. IT’S. HAPPENING.

Their magical (and a little unexpected) romance began in 2017 and has since captured the world’s attention with media outlets providing second-by-second coverage of the couple’s every move (guilty!). Ceremonies and preparations for their wedding have been going on since the summer and many, many Jonas Brothers jokes later, their special day is finally here.

But despite our collective obsession, until now we didn’t really know a lot about how these two actually got together. A new profile in Vogue has come to the rescue with some juicy, juicy details about their courtship and proposal. The cover interview with the couple will be featured in the magazine’s January issue, but for now they’ve released a sneak peek online. (We seriously cannot WAIT to see that cover photo—will Priyanka pose in her wedding gown? We can only hope!)

Here, the best bits and what they tell us about our fave couple.

Priyanka didn’t say yes right away

Nick might have wanted to send out an S.O.S. after Priyanka waited a full 45 seconds to say yes to his proposal earlier this year. “Forty-five seconds of silence,” Nick told Vogue. Imagine waiting almost a minute for someone to say yes (or no) to your proposal??? Priyanka told the magazine that she was speechless, which is a pretty legit excuse for staying quiet.

Nick apparently countered the silence by saying he was going to go ahead and put the ring (which he bought with his brothers, after they shut down a Tiffany& Co. store in London) on her finger, unless she had any objections.

Nick didn’t want the proposal to be on Priyanka’s birthday

According to the profile, Nick and Priyanka went to Crete, Greece, for her birthday in July. But Nick had a surprise up his sleeve. He told Vogue that he waited until after midnight on her birthday to propose, so that their anniversary wouldn’t line up on the same day. He wanted to keep her birthday as her day to feel special. You are a smart man, Mr. Jonas.

The proposal wasn’t the first time Nick got down on one knee

Talk about foreshadowing. Vogue reports that Nick got down on one knee the first time he met Priyanka at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscars party. Nick was at the bar when Priyanka entered the room wearing a black sequinned Michael Kors gown, and the youngest Jonas brother was appropriately hit with some *love at first sight* realness when he saw her.

Nick told Vogue that he put his drink down, got on one knee, and said, “You’re real. Where have you been all my life?” TBH, Nick must has been a Bollywood fan for a long time because that line is straight out of basically every Hindi film.

Priyanka and Nick are set to tie the knot in a Hindu ceremony on December 1 at the Umaid Bhavan Palace, followed by a Christian ceremony on December 3. Who else is beyond excited?? Prick forever.


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