10 Things We Learned From Our #FLARExPriyanka FB Live Q&A

On set for our September 2016 cover shoot, digital editor Charlotte Herrold and Quantico badass Priyanka Chopra went live on Facebook to chat style, stunts and more. Now it's been viewed over 440,000 times, and counting! To celebrate, we handpicked some of the most interesting things we learned about Priyanka from our chat

1. Priyanka totally adores photoshoots. “I love trying to create a moment, rather than just a picture. Maybe because I’m a motion-picture kind of girl, I like pictures that have something to say that’s more than just a pretty girl in pretty clothes.”

2. Her everyday style is easy breezy. “Jeans and a T-shirt—I’m basic and simple. Heels if I want to dress it up, sneakers or Indian slippers if I want to dress it down.”

3. Her favourite part of Baywatch is being the villain. “I don’t think The Rock has ever had someone be mean to him. He’s a great guy, and Victoria is a b*tch—she’s mean, patronizing and evil just because she can be. I don’t know if Dwayne has ever had that.”

4. Her Quantico character, Alex, is totally different in season 2. “You can expect Alex to be completely out of her element. We’re so used to Alex being the tough girl who has the situation under control, and she fixes things, and here she’s just completely out of her element with what happens to her. She can’t get a grip on anything.”

5. She believes acting is instinctive. “In between ‘action!’ and ‘cut!’ is pure, honest instinct of how you would feel if you were in that position. You have to shed your skin, your personality, and get into your character’s skin.”

6. She knows good and bad attention comes with the territory. “Being a public person, you’re going to be judged. You can’t shy away from that. I chose to be a public person, and the love, affection and the attention—good and bad—is part of the job.”

7. Skincare is of the utmost importance to Priyanka (as it should be). “Anything Kiehl’s is my go-to for a skin crisis. No matter how late at night it is, or how tired I am, I make sure to take my makeup off, cleanse and moisturize.”

8. She doesn’t believe in guilty pleasure TV shows. “I don’t judge myself and I don’t judge entertainment. I’m a connoisseur of pop culture. I don’t think people should judge—why shouldn’t you do it if you want to do it? Who cares? I love Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, The Jinx, Making a Murderer. I also loved watching American Crime Story and Tyrant.”

9. Her next single doesn’t have a date yet. “I’m spread so thin between my work in India and my work in America. I haven’t had the time to go back into the studio, but I love music and I hope to be able to do more of it very soon.”

10. Priyanka’s most life-changing moment was when her father died. “You don’t expect to ever see your parents—especially with a disease like cancer—in a moment of weakness. I was very close with my father, he was my superhero, and [his death] really changed me and damaged me a little bit. I’m a little rough around the edges now.”

10.5. A bonus on doing her own stunts for Quantico: She totally could have (and actually almost did) kick Charlotte’s butt! (See approx. 2:36!)

Watch the uncut interview below!

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