10 Things We Learned from Priyanka Chopra's "73 Questions"

K, but serious question—can we be her best friend?

During Vogue's Priyanka Chopra 73 Questions interview we found out her style icon is Rihanna

(Photo: YouTube/Vogue)

In celebration of the film Baywatch hitting theatres, Priyanka Chopra opened up her New York City apartment to Vogue magazine. As part of her tour, she took part in the magazine’s epic rapid-fire interview “73 Questions” and held little back when quizzed on everything from her love for a certain British royal to naming her dream co-star.

Here, we round up ten of the most unexpected and interesting facts that the former Miss World shared with her fans.

She loves Michelle Obama

The 34-year-old admitted that she is, by far, the former First Lady’s biggest fan. “I think she’s aspirational, super cool, still at it, and real,” she exclaimed.

She gives great dating advice

Listen up boys! Priyanka dished up some advice for men looking to woo a woman. The Bollywood actress revealed that the most romantic thing a guy can do for a girl is to surprise her. “Don’t do the whole chocolate and flowers thing,” advised the star. Also, always avoid cheesy pick-up lines.

She can (sort of) do a Boston accent

Priyanka can pull off an impressive Southern California valley girl accent but her Boston tone needs some work. In the clip, she tried hard to pull off the Bostonian phrase “park the car in the yard” but unfortunately did not succeed. “I’m never doing a Boston accent again!” she joked.

During Vogue's Priyanka Chopra 73 Questions interview we found out just how much she loves Michelle Obama

(Photo: YouTube/Vogue)

She has a dream co-star

The Indian superstar has racked up an impressive resume over the years and has been lucky enough to work with world-renowned actors like Octavia Spencer and Claire Danes. She told Vogue that she really wants to add Meryl Streep to that list.

She can contort her body

As a woman of many talents, Priyanka can sing, dance, act and … contort her body? “I can put my leg behind my head. It’s pretty cool,” she admitted. We’re sure that flexibility comes in handy when she’s doing her own stunts on the set of her hit FBI drama Quantico.

She is a big fan of online memes

Diehard fans of Priyanka may be surprised to know that she can’t get enough of viral memes. Right now, she is loving the memes inspired by the trench-coat gown she wore to this year’s Met Gala and also can’t stop watching the video of the screaming goat putting its own spin on Taylor Swift’s single “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

During Vogue's Priyanka Chopra 73 Questions interview we found out who her dream co-star is

(Photo: YouTube/Vogue)

She finds Queen Elizabeth very intriguing

After binge-watching The Crown on Netflix , Priyanka finds the Queen quite interesting because of her mysterious nature. “No one knows too much about her,” she stated.

She is definitely a daddy’s girl

The Jamshedpur native has always a very special bond with her father, and even got a wrist tattoo that says “Daddy’s little girl” (in his handwriting) to proclaim her love for him to the world. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago so now her ink is a constant reminder that he’s always with her.

She has two style icons

Priyanka admires Rihanna and Indian superstar Rekha’s sense of style.

She wants to moonlight for NASA

Priyanka loves being an actress but said if she wasn’t an entertainer she would gladly take a job as an engineer at NASA.

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