The Pics of Princess Charlotte on Her First Day of School Will Melt Your Heart

So. Many. Feels.

princess charlotte on first day of preschool in red coat

(Photo: Duchess of Cambridge/Getty Images)

Be. Still. Our. Freaking. Hearts.

The two-year old daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton (and quite possibly the cutest kid east of the Atlantic), Princess Charlotte, attended her first day of pre-school today. Thankfully, we’ve got the cute pics to prove it, and the level of sweetness her mum managed to capture is melting our cold hearts.

Since Charlotte has only been alive for roughly 30 months—her birthday is May 2, 2015, FYI—the public has rarely had the opportunity to see the tot as candidly as this. Frankly, this photo op could not have come at a better time: it’s January (a.k.a. the month when every day feels like Monday), we’re braving bomb cyclones and we could definitely use a cheering up.

And oh, how cheery Charlotte’s teeny tiny coat has made us!

Middleton snapped these adorable shots moments before Charlotte headed out to Willcocks Nursery School, which, according to Today’s Parentis a 10-minute drive from the family’s London home and costs about $4,073 a term (excuse us while we pick up our jaws).

princess charlotte on first day of preschool in red coat

(Photo: Duchess of Cambridge/Getty Images)

In case you wanted to dress your little one (or any nieces and nephews) like Charlotte, you’re in luck. The littlest royal’s coat is from U.K. brand Amaia: it their kid’s version of the Razorbil wool coat in burgundy. The smaller sizes have already sold out, so act fast! Oh, and get this: Charlotte’s backpack, the Pony Kids Mini Rucksack by Cath Kidston, is pink because that’s her fave colour (duh).

UGH. This little lady is so dang charming. Excuse us while we scour the internet for the adult version of this pea coat…


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