Prince Harry Interviewing Barack Obama Is What You Need RN

These two are too adorbs to handle

Barack Obama and Prince Harry sit next to each other and share a laugh

(Photo: Getty)

Prince Hottie Harry is used to being asked a bajillion questions about his personal life, but now he’s the one on the other side of the recorder.

For an upcoming radio segment for the BBC, the 33-year-old prince interviewed former U.S. President Barack Obama—a.k.a his BFF—as part of his guest editor role for the British broadcaster. While the full show airs Dec. 27 on Radio 4 Today, the BBC released a cute AF teaser vid of the pals having a laugh during their soundcheck.

Between 56-year-old Obama jokingly asking if he needs to put on a British accent to Prince Harry admitting he’s nervous, the pair are too adorbs to handle. Also, when the prince shows Obama his “serious” interviewer face?! We. are. dead.


Kensington Palace recently said that the conversation between Prince Harry and Obama includes memories of the day Obama left the White House, and how he plans to cultivate the next generation of leaders through the Obama Foundation. As Prince Harry explains in the warm-up vid, their entire 40-minute interview will be produced into a podcast after the 20-minute interview airs on the radio. Co-hosted radio show in the works for 2018? Just sayin’.

But their recent hang sesh isn’t the first time the prince and Obama had an LOL together. Here, all the other times Prince Harry and Barack Obama were #FriendshipGoals.

When they attended the Invictus Games in Toronto together (and Joe felt left out)

When Obama congratulated Prince Harry on finding love

When Prince Harry hosted Obama in London and Obama looked like a proud dad

When Obama and wife Michelle challenged Prince Harry to bring it to the Invictus Games…

…And he responded in the most hilarious way

We love you guys.

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