Prada’s 24-Hour Pop-Up Museum

Prada to fund one day pop-up museum.

The Palais d’Iéna, in Paris, will be taken over by celebrity sculptures on Tuesday, January 24th for exactly 24 hours. Funded by the fashion house Prada, Francesco Vezzoli, an Italian video and conceptual artist, is launching a 24-hour pop-up museum to take place during Paris Haute Couture Week.

The exhibition begins with an invitation-only dinner, before the space is turned into a private nightclub for the remainder of the evening. Once the dancing begins, the exclusive party will be streamed online for the public to watch at www.24hoursmuseum.com. The exhibition then opens to the public the following morning and closes at 8:30pm sharp, when the museum’s 24 hours are up.

Vezzoli’s project is a parody of a retrospective. The kitsch spectacle will include films and neoclassical figures of his favourite divas, such as Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, and Madonna. He plans to fill the museum with five-metre high sculptures with the heads of celebrities he idolizes, he has turned his icons “into sculptures and placed [them] on marble pedestals,” he explained of the concept. Let’s hope for Madonna meets Venus sculpture, emerging from a clamshell.–Erin Fitzsimmons

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