Pouring Rain Doesn't Dampen Oscar Nominee Spirits

Torrential rains and the threat of snow in LA didn't stop nominees from hitting the Oscar party circuit

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

It is perfectly swampy outside, and the rain is showing no signs of letting up. A night not fit for man or beast. But it’s all good if you’re a celebrity! Yup, despite the rain, and the chilly winds that blew, the Oscar parties raged on. The most star studded of the night had to be the QVC Red Carpet Style Party held at the Four Seasons Hotel. The hotel lobby was thick with more celebrities tottering about on sky-high heels than you could shake a stick at. And each, in turn, paraded down the damp red carpet. Oscar nominees in attendance included Helena Bonham Carter, and Jennifer Lawrence, nominated for Actress in a Leading Role for her stellar turn in Best Picture contender, “Winter’s Bone”. Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian, Nicole Richie, “The Social Network” actress Brenda Song, and oodles more high profile guests also showed up to celebrate. Too bad the venue was outdoors! Despite the tents erected to protect guests from the elements, there were leaks and soggy footing to contend with. So, I decided to head for the hills, literally, but not before waiting a half hour for my car to appear from the valet. The fact that Best Supporting Actor nominee, Mark Ruffalo, was waiting with me, did help ease the sting.