Poll: Would You Date a Man in a Plunging V-Neck?

Jude Law is the latest male celeb to go deep

Jude Law


A neckline says a lot about a man’s sense of self, not to mention his sense of humour. In short, he either follows the straight-laced mantra that real men don’t wear V-necks, or he conjures his inner sex god and takes the plunge, à la former Bachelor Canada contestant Brad Smith.

The look isn’t a new one—Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron and Brad Pitt have also all gone deep—but this recent photo of Jude Law wearing what may qualify as the most revealing V ever to be fabricated outside of the Saturday Night Live costume department (see video below) prompted the Daily Mail to coin the nonsense term “man cleavage.”

With his pecs on proud display and his ’70s-esque chest hair in vivid relief, it may seem as though the Alfie star accidentally reached for his girlfriend’s T-shirt before he hustled off to pick up groceries.

So once again, we find ourselves asking: [poll id=110]