Hit or Miss? Justin Timberlake's New Single 'Suit and Tie'

Justin Timberlake released his new single, "Suit and Tie" featuring Jay-Z, last night.

Photo Courtesy of Justin Timberlake

If his fans didn’t create enough hype, the famous JT certainly did.

In a tweet on Thursday afternoon he linked his followers to the website countdown.justintemberlake.com. A short video of the singer/actor walking into a recording studio left the Justin Timberlake diehards on a high. The hashtag #JT2013 landed on Twitter’s top trending topics list and over three days (to be exact) the countdown to “Suit and Tie” featuring Jay-Z began.

Timberlake, who has only released two albums in the past ten years, is the only ex-member of ‘N Sync to succeed in the solo arena: “I don’t want to put anything out that is something I don’t love,” he reasoned in the video he linked to on Thursday. “You just don’t get that everyday, you have to wait for it.” His fans have waited long enough. Along with his new single, the album The 20/20 Experience will be released later this year.

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