Pippa Middleton Reportedly Moving to New York

The Duchess' sister may be planning a move across the pond

Pippa Middleton 2012

Photo by Keystone Press

The latest to come from the royal rumour mill is the news that the Duchess’ sister, Pippa Middleton, may be moving to New York City after the fallout from her recent party-hardy photo-ops and gun-waving gag on the paparazzi.

While Pippa has been mostly off the radar and skipping out on swish get togethers in London since her recent mishaps with the press, there have been whispers that she’s still getting the cold shoulder from the Royal family and Palace officials. While it may be that her sister is the one who married into royalty, sources say that Pippa is under just as much pressure to live up to the expectations set by the Palace.

Having exited her part-time position at party-planning party Table Talk, Pippa had also been considering a move to Paris, until her recent activities in the city got her attention for all the wrong reasons.

Pippa reportedly hopes to move to NYC in order to begin work on her party-planning book, which garnered her a nearly million-dollar deal with publishing company Penguin – and her ‘cashing in’ on her newfound connections has also raised a few royal eyebrows.

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