Pete Davidson Is Forcing a Personal Reckoning I Wasn't Ready to Have

The truth hurts

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale hold hands as they walk on the sidewalk looking down in this paparazzi photo

(Photo: Splash News)

Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are *officially* dating. We know this because the duo, who reportedly struck up a romance after meeting at a Golden Globes after party in January, cemented their relationship status with a serious makeout sesh at a New York Rangers game on March 3.

The pics are steamy, no doubt, but they also left me feeling super conflicted. As I peered at Davidson’s tongue snaking its way into Beckinsale’s mouth, I wasn’t questioning the relationship because of their 20-year age difference or because, as many on Twitter pointed out, they seem to be an unlikely couple. Instead, I was grappling with the question: Is Pete Davidson hot?

… I know.

Before you @ me, know that this is something I never thought I’d be *seriously* asking myself, but this query has been a long time coming.

Davidson has been on a steady glow-up since the summer, when he announced his relationship and quickie engagement to singer Ariana Grande. While the pair called it quits in October, Davidson continued his ascent up the hotness scale, and to my surprise, I was here for it.

Let’s be clear, Davidson hasn’t actually changed. Save for his tattoos, which have arguably gotten worse post-Ari, Davidson remains firmly in what he describes as “ugly hot” territory. The comedian’s work also stayed relatively the same. I’m the one that’s changed, and I just realized it had nothing to do with Davidson, but rather who he was hanging out with.

In the past year, Davidson managed to essentially reverse DUFF—a term that TBH is super rude, but in this context, unfortunately works. The DUFF, or designated ugly fat friend, is the person in a group of friends that makes everyone else look “better.” (I told you, super rude.) In Davidson’s case, however, he became more attractive by surrounding himself with extremely beautiful, and more importantly, beloved celebs. In addition to his new romance with Beckinsale (who on top of being drop dead gorge, is smart, independent and hilarious on the ’gram), Davidson is also in a bromance with SNL alum John Mulaney. The two are currently travelling around the U.S. doing a joint comedy tour, but like Davidson and Beckinsale, they seem to be total opposites. Mulaney is hunky, obsessed with his wife and all around wholesome—and Davidson is, let’s just say, not.

Seeing Davidson with GF Beckinsale and BFF Mulaney, I started thinking, “Hey, if John and Kate like him, he must be cool!”

Which TBH, is a statement that’s not so cool. Because what Davidson’s seeming glow-up—and my sudden thirst for his BDE—made me realize is that I’m pretty shallow (*cue Bradley Cooper and Gaga*).

My reaction to his image makeover is seriously reminiscent of high school, where someone could be deemed hot or not just based on whether they hung out with the popular kids. Looking at Davidson’s recent paparazzi pics, I realized that my perception of him completely changed based on the fact that he’s gotten a pseudo endorsement from Mulaney and Beckinsale, not because he’s actually done anything to make me lust after him more. It’s an alarming acceptance and blind faith that I, TBQH, was not ready to recognize in myself so early in the week.

And more importantly, my conflicted feels for Davidson reminded me that as much as we feel like we might know him, we don’t *truly* know Davidson beyond his public persona. Much like those popular kids in high school, whose infamous lives you heard about through the grapevine, I’m fully  forming my opinions about him, both good and bad, on surface-level interactions, which is just about as shallow as you can get.

Basically, as this new Hollywood couple is out here living their best PDA-loving lives, I’m left to come to terms with this ugly truth about myself.


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