Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande's New Apartment is Even More Lit Than Their Engagement

Lucky, lucky motherf-cker indeed

Pete Davidson engaged: the first official photo of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande in Harry Potter robes-inline

Credit: Instagram.com/ArianaGrande

Pete Davidson was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on June 20, and in a turn of events that surprised no one, he confirmed that he was indeed engaged to Ariana Grande. Slightly unexpected? He described the whole committing-to-someone-for-life thing as “fucking lit, man.”

How “lit,” precisely, is being engaged to one of the biggest pop stars in the world? Well, it’s lit enough that people are tipping their caps to him in the street. The SNL star told Fallon: “Dudes are walking by, and they’re like [insert hat tip gesture here], ” Davidson said, doffing his own baseball cap. “You ever see that Derek Jeter commercial, where he was, like, retiring and everybody just tips his hat? Some dude came up to me and was like ‘Yo, man, you gave me hope.”

Deadpan, Davidson then goes on to say, “I’m like, I didn’t know I was that ugly,” before (kinda sweetly?) acknowledging that he’s “a lucky motherfucker.” It’s worth noting here that this is the first time either Davidson or Grande have spoken to the traditional media about their relationship. Social media, however, is a different story: They’vebeen all over each other’s Instas and Instastories from the start, and nary a day goes by, it seems, without one of them getting a new tattoo in tribute to their whirlwind romance. The latest bit of ink they share? The acronym “H2GKMO” which stands for “hand to God, knock me out.” You can *just* glimpse it on Davidson’s hand in the clip from Fallon below:

Now, in fairness to Davidson, it is pretty uncomfortable and weird having to discuss your love life on national television as Robert Pattinson lolls on the sofa next to you (hi RPatz!). And yes, the whole thing was very charming and self-deprecating, and very on brand for him. (He also goes on to make an excellent point about how weird it is that people are focussing on him and Ari and not like, the political chaos that perma surround us). But “fucking lit”? At the very least, save that adjective for the $16-million dollar Manhattan apartment you and Ariana have reportedly just moved into.

The Chelsea pad, located in a Zaha Hadid-designed building, has five bedrooms, four and half baths, and is just steps away from the High Line. Amenities include an on-site juice bar, IMAX theatre and private spa suite.

Lucky, lucky motherfucker indeed.


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