Paris Hilton Loved Dressing Up as Kim K + All the Things She Thought Were Straight Fire

Here, we celebrate all the posts Paris thought were "hot" on Instagram because she is a legend and because the fire emoji was made for her

If you thought Paris Hilton was chilling inside an early aughts time capsule alongside Juicy Couture tracksuits, Motorola Razrs, Chihuahuas wearing diamond-encrusted collars and Lindsay Lohan’s career, you clearly haven’t been keeping up with the international DJ and OG celebutante on Instagram. While most of social media is a cycle of bad news followed by worse news (and the occasional meme), Hilton has emerged as a candy-coloured, vanilla-scented balm to soothe our wounds. In celebration, here is a delightful array of photos that earned a glittery stamp of approval from Hilton on Instagram.

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