Our Fave Tracks From The Weeknd's New Album, Starboy

The Weeknd's third studio album, Starboy, has *FINALLY* dropped! After a devoted weekend of listening, we're shouting out the must-listen tracks from the record


Drizzy isn’t the only one making Canada proud. The Weeknd’s highly anticipated third album is here and we are OBSESSED. The 18-track masterpiece features star-studded collabs with Lana Del Ray, Kendrick Lamar, Future and Daft Punk. Abel Tesfaye’s signature tortured vocals and dreamy melodies are on point on usual, tasking us with the v. difficult job of picking our fave tunes. After much deliberation, here are our picks for must-listen tracks.

Best track for a shower solo: “Starboy”

If you haven’t memorized the lyrics yet for this hit, what are you doing? When The Weeknd released this li’l number as a teaser for his eponymous upcoming record, fans went cray. The catchy lyrics and killer collab with Daft Punk make this track the ultimate in-shower performance piece. We’ll be rehearsing.

Best pregame track: “Party Monster”

Catchy lyrics? Check. Moody beat? Check. Epic pregame tune? Check check.

Best track for cruising with your BFFs: “Sidewalks”

This track is the #1 ear worm on Starboy. The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar prove they are a next-level duo, laying down a hook that will be stuck in your head for days: “Sidewalks saved my life, they don’t ever lie/Sidewalks saved my life, they showed me all the signs.” With its crushing beat and Kendrick’s bars (on bars, on bars), this track is perfect for grabbing your pals and cruising through the city.

Best collab: “Stargirl Interlude”

Where there’s a Lana Del Ray, there’s a spacy ethereal jam that will def top your playlist (even if it does cap off at just under two mins in length). From the sexy lyrics to the intertwining soft vox, these two are a match made in heaven. We are praying for another (maybe longer?) pairing.

Best track for getting over lost loves: “A Lonely Night”

Since The Weeknd and Bella Hadid parted ways, you may be asking yourself, “Does love even exist anymore?” While the pair’s split is def on the list of the saddest celeb breakups of 2016, if they can move on, so should you. What better way to do that then with this upbeat chune? With its perf contrast between a dance-track beat and emotion-filled lyrics, you’ll be thinking “Bae who?”

Best track to deal with your boo’s hella clinginess: “Attention”

Nothing says I need a little breathing room like “You’re only looking for attention/The only problem is you’ll never get enough.” Like the title suggests, this track’s hard-hitting sentiment and throbbing bass line make it the go-to track to let off some steam when your beloved is giving you too much attention.

Best track for getting in touch with your dark side: “All I Know”

The Weeknd is known for being moody AF; his dark side comes out in this fire track with Future. Showcasing our boy Abel’s amaze harmonizing skills, this tune is perfect for some solo reflection and connecting with your deepest emotions.

Best Michael Jackson impression: “I Feel It Coming”

With its heavy ’80s inspo, and The Weeknd’s swoon-worthy falsetto, this fab track could have been an extra on The King of Pop’s Thriller. As demonstrated during his v. impressive cover of Michael’s “Dirty Diana” as well as the video for “Can’t Feel My Face,” the influence is pretty obvs. Keep doing you, Michael—um, The Weeknd.

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