Our Dream Cast For The Dirty Dancing Remake

Our top picks to play Baby and Johnny in the Dirty Dancing remake

Photo Courtesy of IMDBPro

Can you have the time of your life twice? Lionsgate announced on Monday, August 8 that the original choreographer of Dirty Dancing, Kenny Ortega, will direct a remake of the 1987 classic. On Tuesday, August 9, Jennifer Grey, who played Baby in the original, tweeted her support. “I love @Kennyortega and trust that he will do something special #DirtyDancingRemake.”
Whoever is chosen will have some pretty big dancing shoes to fill. We don’t know if Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey can ever be topped but these picks for the new Johnny and Baby could do the original justice.
First Pick: Ryan Gosling
The Canadian superstar can play sexy (The Notebook) and badass (see the upcoming Drive). To top it off, he proved in Crazy, Stupid, Love that he can pull off the iconic lift scene. He has our vote.
Runner Up: Channing Tatum
He has the build and the looks to be the next Johnny, not to mention the moves. Tatum showcased his talent in 2006’s dance flick Step Up.
First Pick: Zoe Saldana
Saldana kicks butt in The Losers and the upcoming Colombiana, but the film star is actually a trained dancer. Remember 2000’s Center Stage? It’s been too long since we’ve seen Saldana with some dancing shoes on.
Runner Up: Mila Kunis
With Friends With Benefits, our August cover girl showed the world she is a leading lady in Hollywood. She also proved that she could pirouette like a pro in 2010’s Black Swan. We’d love to see her learn The Lift next. – Regan Reid