One to Watch

The inner makings of rising Hollywood starlet Tara Leniston

One to Watch
The inner makings of rising Hollywood starlet Tara Leniston


At first glance, one notices the beauty before the brains of actress Tara Leniston—the blonde Irish bombshell that’s about to take Hollywood by storm. But it won’t be long before her claim to fame is acting, as Leniston enters the Hollywood map this spring as the lead in 90 Days—a cinéma-vérité styled documentary that maps the trajectory of a rising starlet breaking into Hollywood.

The Irish beauty was born into a travelling family typical of Hollywood A-listers, growing up in Ireland and living in several different countries, including England, Korea, Sweden and Hong Kong, where she went on to model and was discovered by Jackie Chan at 18 for a part in his film The Medallion.

FLARE tracked down Leniston, busy promoting 90 Days in Tinseltown, to learn more about the rising Hollywood starlet and why she’s not just another Hollywood casualty.

Flare: As a little girl, did you know you would one day make it in Hollywood?
TL: In my mind I was always going to be a star and I always wanted to make movies and Hollywood is the place to do it. After I did the Jackie Chan movie everyone told me to come to LA but I decided to go traveling instead. While I was living in New Zealand I ended up getting the lead role in Meet Me in Miami, which ultimately ended up bringing me to Hollywood.

Flare: When did you catch the acting bug?
TL: I always loved being the center of attention when I was little and I got into acting when I was 15. I starred in a kid’s TV program in Korea called, What’s up Doogie, and it really just took off from there.


Flare: How does it feel to be a rising Hollywood star?
TL: I haven’t really had time to think about it really. I’ve just been working hard and keeping my head down.

Flare: How is it being friends with celebrities like Bono?
TL: A lot of these celebrities that I am friends with are just like everyone else. They just have a lot more work to do. The people I am friends with are all really down to earth and are people who like to have fun. Bono is a great role model of humanitarianism to me. To see what he has achieved in the world for lesser fortunate people or people in need or in pain by using his celebrity as a vehicle in order to make a difference greatly inspires me. He’s funny too. Bono rocks.


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Flare: What is it like dating Julian Lennon?
TL: Julian and I are good friends. He has the visionary heart of his father. Being in his presence is amazing. He’s talented, deeply caring and fine company. Like his father before him, Jules is truly one of a kind. I am blessed to have his friendship in my life.

Flare: Was your role in 90 Days difficult?
TL: Filming 90 Days is difficult because I am so used to playing a character, and in 90 Days it’s just me being me. I am a very private person so to let the cameras see me when I was at my most vulnerable was hard. I wanted to do 90 Days because I wanted to show what it took to make it in Hollywood. I think that if anyone has a dream, like a young and aspiring actor in the world, then 90 Days proves that young people can dream big and accomplish a lot through holding onto their dream, developing their gifts and talents and working hard to achieve one’s dream. The dreams of kids are the world’s future. We can never invest ourselves enough in young people. I hope to inspire others by showing them what happens when going after your dream and that faith, hope and courage are needed in doing that.

Flare: What are your future goals as an actress?
TL: I really want to push myself as an actress to think outside of the box. I would like to do more truth-based movies that have a good moral meaning and story behind them. Movies are a powerful medium and I would like to do movies that give people hope and teach us something profound about the strength of the human spirit amidst adversity.

Flare: Have you ever been to Toronto?
TL: I have never been to Toronto. Jackie Chan once told me it was his favorite place to be. I also have a lot of friends who live up there so I am going to be visiting very soon!


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