Go Behind the Scenes With Cover Star Vanessa Hudgens

Go behind the scenes with style star Vanessa Hudgens, who owns ’90s cool on the cover of our February issue. Want more? Follow FLARE on Instagram @flaremag

The posing pro offered up a different face and motion for every frame

The posing pro offered up a different face and motion for every frame

Vanessa Beauty

When: November 21

Where: Milk Studios, New York

Vanessa Hudgens chopped her hair, gained 15 pounds and disappeared into a grubby hoodie for her shocking transformation into a teen runaway in the new film Gimme Shelter. Such grime was in stark contrast to the polished star who strode into New York’s Milk Studios in cork platform sneakers and leather jogging pants, long locks coiled in the highest of topknots. Vanessa’s own urban style transitioned perfectly into the ’90s-inspired shoot: no butterfly clips in sight, but plenty of sleek silhouettes and sharp crop tops. A Coachella regular, Vanessa played DJ, singing along to M.I.A., Disclosure and Arcade Fire. Whether it was the energy jolt from her Blue Bottle iced coffee or a certain fearlessness acquired from breaking bad in Spring Breakers, her connection with David Roemer’s camera was immediate, intimate, electric. In New York to visit her boyfriend, actor Austin Butler of The Carrie Diaries, theCalifornia native was excited to head back west with him for the holidays. After such a life-changing year, a vacation is richly deserved.

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