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On Set With November Cover Star Alexa Chung

The ultimate it-girl, Alexa Chung, posed to The Rolling Stones, thanked Toronto for Drake and played table tennis on set. Where do we sign up to be her BFF?

November Cover

Alexa Chung is unstoppable. The stunning British multi-hyphenate— TV-host-writer-model-DJ—works a slew of glamorous jobs, but her true calling is that of fashion icon. She showed up for our cover shoot in red leather flats and a navy daisy-print dress, her dishevelled hair perfectly imperfect. After makeup, Alexa headed for the racks to scope the pieces stylist Kemal Harris had chosen for her. (Alexa’s style mantra: no girly, no boring.) She loved a scalloped Erdem dress and pointed out the frock she “almost wore to the Met Gala this year” (she attended, in fact, in another Erdem number, which was sheer black with a crocheted bodice and skirt). Alexa wore her own silver pinkie ring for the shoot, but took full advantage of the mountain of shoes Harris had gathered (a pair of Tabitha Simmons flats were her favourite). Unlike many stars, she stayed iPhone-free and gave her laser focus to each shot, working the camera with pro moves still in her bones from her stint as a model. She didn’t beat a fast retreat, either—post- shoot, Alexa stuck around to play a little table tennis.

November Behind the Scenes

November On Set With 5

Makeup artist Tamah Krinsky gives a Valentino-clad Alexa a quick touch-up.

November On Set With 4

A docile Chung in Gucci.

November Get the Look
November On Set With 3

These purses didn’t make the cut, but they have our heart regardless!

November On Set With 1

Photography:Robyn Asquini (On Set), Daniel Harrison (Sweater, Boot),
Jason Kim (Portrait), Ivan Engler (Makeup). Editor: Briony Smith.