Meet Exo’s Oh Sehun, K-Pop’s Rising Fashion Star

As if K-pop taking over the world was just a phase

Oh Sehun is fashion's rising star

(Photo: Getty Images)

Maybe you thought the K-pop scene was at its global peak after the BTS showdown at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards (ICYMI, the boy group made history taking home the Top Social Artist Award), but you could not be more wrong. Oh Sehun of Exo—a.k.a. South Korea’s biggest boy group—is one of the two cover boys for Tom Magazine’s latest Global issue and collectible t-shirts (the other looker is Filipino-Australian singer James Reid), and we could not be more thrilled about the Asian representation.

If you’re wondering why the name Oh Sehun sounds so familiar, it’s because the 23-year-old K-pop artist made waves at his first Louis Vuitton show in Paris during the Spring 2017 season as one of Nicolas Ghesquière’s notable front row guests. While his screaming fans outside the Louvre helped him garner a lot of attention from the fashion crowd, his understated polished look (courtesy of LV, of course) proved he was a fashion star to watch out for. Even Vogue.com named him best-dressed man at the show.

But the singer didn’t always have good fashion sense, according to his bandmate Chanyeol, who caused a stir at London Fashion Week’s Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid show. In a Vogue.com exclusive, the rapper praised Sehun for having the biggest style evolution since their debut in 2012: “Compared to his style from… our early days, it’s gotten a lot better, and every day, he puts a lot of thought in it. So much as doing fashion research, and his sense is good, too.”

Clearly, his hard work is paying off. In the past couple of years, Sehun has garnered some serious fashion cred. For starters, his off-duty, designer-heavy wardrobe is always on point. Whether he’s practising in the dance studio with his group members or posting selfies with his bichon frisé on Instagram, his attention to styling has made waves throughout Asia’s fashion scene—and has which undoubtedly helped him nab a few covers, including his latest: Super Elle China’s debut issue. OK, his chiseled, boyish good looks probably helped, too.

But while his off-duty wardrobe may be monochromatic at times—just Google “Oh Sehun airport style” and you’ll see what we mean—you can always pinpoint the young maknae (read: youngest member of the group) in his music videos and on stage, thanks to his eccentric outfits and colourful hair. Case in point: Exo’s recent “Koko Bop” music video shows an orange-haired Sehun rocking a Hawaiian shirt from Saint Laurent’s Spring 2017 collection.

With his first film, Catman, out later this year and the Exo world tour possibly kicking off soon, we know this won’t be the last we’ll hear (or see) from the young K-pop artist.

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