October Horoscope


The harvest moon brings with it time to collect impressive financial rewards or move up the food chain. Energy and incentive only get you so far, so work on being a team player. With Mars in your domestic zone, everything there, including a pet or a partner, is a candidate for an extreme makeover. You may have to do some financial triage to make it a reality, though.


Fight or flight? The latter is most tempting now, but you have work to do. Tough out the tricky tasks before you and you’ll pave the way to future glory. After much holiday feasting, nurture body and soul in other ways; think spa break or another healthy getaway. Unexpected benefit: it’s when you’re at your most relaxed that someone could run away with your heart.



Life finally becomes a smooth highway. Roadblocks evaporate and you’ll make progress even if you’re not sure of the final pit stop. Just keep your foot on the gas and eyes firmly on the road. Not that you can’t make a few detours— you’ve earned some frolic time. Look out for the guy you’ve had your eye on. He might give you the chequered flag.



Strut out of that shell and show, don’t tell, your many sterling qualities. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback, especially from the corner office. Single or spoken for, you’re feeling romantic and rambunctious; toss the inhibitions and go for it. When it comes to your family life, though, hang tight and chant the serenity prayer.

LEO >  


Your love life takes on a dreamy quality, as shared goals and dreams get the Imax treatment. Enjoy, but do remember castles in the air are for touring, not real-life habitation. When it comes to your personal ambitions, hit the ground running. All those lessons on finance have given you firmer footing and a surer sense of where you’re going.



Although it may feel like you’re Twittering your life away, you’ll accomplish more by doing less now. Your career will tick along just fine on cruise control. If you force an issue with a friend, the discussion may take a turn you don’t like. Do give in to that urge for recreation, as it can lead to meeting someone who will help you take out a new lease on love.



Your strategic self is aflame in search of your next move. Channel that fire to fuel visions of new possibilities. Your intuition will help you decide which ones are right for you. But it’s those same instincts that can lead you astray on the romance front. A quick glance or chance conversation can easily ignite a wildfire, so make sure you’re ready for such all-consuming passion.


A planetary jam session in your fun zones makes for an upbeat month. Paradoxically, the closer you are to home, the more your sense of adventure is sparked. Try a few new riffs— people will follow your lead. You’re ready to make beautiful music with someone, but you may have to venture into uncharted emotional waters.



There is a seat reserved for you in the VIP lounge, though you’re temporarily confined to your cubicle. Your big break is coming, but this is no time to force any issues. If you keep your eye on those high goals, though, networking possibilities will appear and current tasks will seem lighter. Do the slippers and mug-of-cocoa thing around Thanksgiving, when it’s best to take your comfort where you find it.


You’re playing wide receiver in the information chain and the exchanges will be lively, entertaining and challenging— just the way you like it. With so much coming at you, it’s easy to overbook, so prioritize to stay sane. And keep that bikini packed in case an exotic travel opportunity arises. Financing a getaway may be easier than you think.


Thanks you will be giving—if you’re up for a whirlwind romance. Try to keep at least one foot in reality because you will find yourself preoccupied with the balance sheet, in both finances and relationships. This is a sign of the times to come. Assess your status and set goals that will lead to greater net worth, as in your savings and self-esteem.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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