November Horoscope



Your hear a rhapsody; romance is putting a song in your heart while your social life is also hitting a high note. Why wait for the holidays to flaunt your chicest finery? The music stops on the work front and there may be a mad dash for your seat. Be prepared for competition and to have your loyalties tested—and to pass with flying colours.



Pressure mounts at work just when rewards are delayed. Though you can’t see it now, you will find a way to reverse this trend. In the meantime, stop selling yourself short. Flaunting your many virtues has fringe benefits now because, as temperatures fall, the romance thermometer will rise. As you explore new possibilities with a love interest, you will want zero distractions.



Saturn finally gets off your case, which frees you to follow your heart in many areas of life, including that bad boy with good possibilities. But you won’t get to play hooky from work. In fact, showing dedication will prove more rewarding than you thought. Play it safe when investing or you may wind up with a risk-heavy portfolio or more square footage than you can afford.



Saturn shifting signs could send you scuttling for cover. Your home will prove less than a sanctuary, probably due to your partner; this is your cue to develop a thicker shell and claim more space (physical or emotional). Meanwhile, the passion quotient is high while your imagination is in overdrive, and that’s promising for a different kind of undercover action.

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Mars fuels a lust for getting a life, just when Saturn raises the blinds on what (or who) is possible. Although you can’t see a clear path to that great potential, keep looking. That guy who shares your curiosity and spirit of adventure is out there. Time to start editing yourself, as in limiting your chat time. It’s crucial that you not only say what you mean but mean what you say.



Though you long to hunker down, it may be a little too lively in your vicinity for comfort. But peace of mind is restored easily once you set limits with noisy neighbours. Meanwhile, a romance rockets you out of your comfort zone into a pleasure palace. But if you find your morals challenged, it’s time to return to home base.



Pluto goads Saturn in your sign, prompting you to kick in the door to the executive suite and trample anything that gets in your way. Ambition is a good thing, but know it will take time and patience to realize your goals. Fortunately, you can court the right sort of people (including a special guy) who gently support your vision.



Friends + money = disaster. If you’re unfamiliar with this equation, take a refresher course. The solution: say no, however difficult it may be. But do say yes to that friend when they tell you that dream is worth chasing. It’s time to formulate new action plans. One should involve upping your energy levels because you’re going to get very busy very soon.



All your ambitions coming up snake eyes? Though it may not seem like it, the odds of success are in your favour. Keep rolling and don’t bet the bank on any single opportunity. Or you can cash in all your chips—it’s time to salt as much away as possible. Take a chance on love, though. Your best bet: meet someone through a friend.



With planets banding together to sing backup, you could become an overnight success that’s been years in the making. Don’t pass up any casting calls. Try out for a new role, and if it’s not the right fit, alter your skill set. Romance and your creative drive are best expended around home base, where you take comfort in small pleasures.



Many will pluck at your heartstrings, tempting you to give more of your time. You can refuse while refusing to justify—and it will be liberating. This will give you more time to focus on the people who respect you. It’s the best travel month in many a moon, so get set to spoon with your sweetie on a far-off shore.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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