This Just In: North West Has Settled on a Name for Her New Puppy and It's Not Baby Jesus

Praise be

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When I was a little girl, if I’d gotten the puppy I begged my parents for from the age of four to 14, I would have considered names like Button, Sweetie and Ruffles (I’ve always loved salty snacks). But alas, North West is not like other toddlers. The blessed heir to the Kardashian-West empire was gifted a Pomeranian puppy for her fourth birthday on June 15 and most of the names she was mulling over were decidedly more elevated—with frontrunners like Sushi and, wait for it, Baby Jesus.

What four-year-old doesn’t love raw fish and think their pup is on the same level as JC? She is Kanye’s offspring, after all. 

Like any sensible parent, mom Kim asked Twitter to weigh in. Side note, Cutie Pie was originally on North’s shortlist of names but it dropped off the Twitter poll so I guess it’s not sophisticated enough for Kim and Kanye’s first-born. Four-year-old me disagrees but whatevs.

But despite the fact that Peachy Pop—Peaches for short—took a winning 29% of the more than 230,000 votes (not a typo, friends), Kim revealed to Twitter late last night that the popular pooch has been bestowed with the name Sushi.

We can all rest easy.

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