Nicki Minaj Stars In 3-D Pepsi Commercial

Nicki Minaj promotes Pepsi in a new 3-D commercial, while designer Betsey Johnson makes a surprise appearance

Music star Nicki Minaj

What do Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Madonna, and Nicki Minaj all have in common? Pepsi. Well, and the fact that they’re all huge music stars, but, Pepsi.

Nicki Minaj is the latest artist to partner up with Pepsi for a commercial. The clip, which features a remixed version of her hit song “Moment 4 Life,” follows a couple who live in frozen moments whenever they take a sip out of their Pepsi can. The couple ventures from the beach to the middle of a fashion show, where designer Betsey Johnson makes a typical wacky appearance, and finally end with a bang at an all-pink Minaj concert.

Celebrity appearances aside, what makes the commercial even cooler is that you can view it in 3-D. The commercial has a 3-D viewable option on YouTube including a “glasses” and “no glasses” option, where you can either watch the video with 3-D glasses or watch it cross-eyed and get the same effect (I can’t make this stuff up, guys).

Minaj is part of Pepsi’s latest campaign to battle Coca-Cola, which will also feature a new Michael Jackson commercial including track remixes and repurposed footage. Minaj was supposed to be performing at the Met Ball tonight but dropped out at the last second. — Christian Allaire

Watch now: Pepsi’s Now in a Moment Commercial